We Can Lease Purchase Your House!

Are you trying to sell your home and not having any luck? Are you having to make 2 house payments or not able to move into your new house? Don’t know where else to turn?

Maybe you need to sell your home to relocate. Maybe you are trying to buy another house and can’t sell yours. Whatever your situation, a Lease Purchase may be a great option for you. We can help to solve your problems quickly!

Problems Sellers face today:

  • Far too many houses to compete with? or NEW construction to compete with?
  • Not enough buyers?
  • Have to keep dropping the price?
  • Eating into equity?
  • 6% commission to Sell?
  • Paying unwanted or unnecessary house payments each month?

Seller Benefits of Lease Purchasing your Home…

  • Get your asking price! Since you’re allowing the tenant/buyer to lease purchase the home, you get your price.
  • Fill the house quickly!
  • No commission fees!
  • Less maintenance! Buyer purchases a Home Warranty to cover repairs!
  • Tax benefits! You will receive benefits such as depreciation etc….
  • Largest market of tenant/buyers!
  • Better quality tenants! These aren’t renters, these are tenant/buyers. They fully intend on exercising the option as soon as they can qualify.

Just fill out your Seller information and we will contact you to verify and then you can begin move on with your life! It’s that easy! Enter your information NOW!

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